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Question :How long will it take to receive my item ? 
Answer :  Please allow  7-10 days for item to ship. 
Question: How long does it take for an item to reach me once it ships ?
Answer: Items are shipped from all over , depending on the shipping location and your location this could be 1-5 days    
Question: How can I find out my order status ?
Answer: your order will show as shipped in the My Orders section of your account.
Question: What happens if an item is no longer available, discontinued , or out of stock ?
Answer : We will contact you via email to determine if you would like to wait and how long, or if item is discontinued we will refund your account.
Question: How can I contact you ?
Answer : There are several ways to contact us , you can visit your local Crazie Overstock Retailer and get answers to your questions or you may email us at :  sales@crazieoverstock.com  or at your local Crazie Overstock Retail Outlet 
*** We have recently added a customer support phone line for shipping inquiries only ** see contact page  
Question : Do gift Certificates or E-Credits obtained from a Retail Outlet Expire .
Answer : No

Question: Why is s/h charged for each item.
Answer: Crazie Overstock uses many venders to fulfill your order, so as an example an order of three items may come from 3 totally differnet suppliers, shipping from three places. Each package incurs its own cost in getting it to your front door .  
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